Are you thinking of homeschooling?

Are you overwhelmed with the thought?

You know you are homeschooling but don't know where to start...I have a plan.

A plan that will guide you as you set up your homeschool. This plan gets you started with resources, schedules, and templates. Your year will be so much easier with a plan in place.

50 page workbook

Video Lessons

Games, Activities, Hints




Mission Statement

Framework/ Plan

Notification of Intent

Proof of Progress/ Testing

Let me guide you through the process of setting up a successful year of homeschooling.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Blakley.

Homeschooling is an incredible opportunity to give your student personalized education. My time as a public school teacher was valuable ... but I have learned more with each year that I homeschooled my student. Teaching is my favorite thing to do. Homeschooling allows creativity and personalization in teaching. Through the H.A.T. Academy and Homeschool Homeroom I support parents as they create an incredible learning atmosphere.

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Free Homeschool 101


This is for those that need more information about homeschooling.

The Basics

Start your homeschooling adventure with the information you need.

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Homeschool families learn together.

Individualize Schooling

Make learning a personal experience.