Craft and Create

Let's bring back a handmade Christmas.

Join us each week as we craft special picture, gifts, and decorations for the Christmas season. I love handmade gifts.

Your art will be cherished for years to come.

Check out how we do classes and projects.

Arts and Crafts

Use the elements of art to create and learn.

Each project builds art skills.

Have fun as you learn.

Make this year the most creative Christmas!

Lesson videos guide you through each project.

Have fun creating!

Try new techniques and projects.

Watch the video and then create your own work of art. Make the project and make it your own.

Create memories!

The art you make this year will be a wonderful keepsake. Christmas is a special time and the perfect time to create.

Learn more about crafting.

Crafting and creating art is an important part of learning. Little steps will encourage the student to try new things.

This course is closed for enrollment.